Pastel Chrome Palette

  • Pastel Chrome Palette

Premade palette with all 7 shades of our Pastel Chromes. Our palette is 100% recyclable, with a a clear window so all shades can be visible and an open magnetic base which can hold (28) 26mm drop in pans or (14) 36mm drop in pans.

Our pastel chromes are all natural, 100% pigment, glitter free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and can be worn on eyes, lips, face and body.

Palette includes:

Fairy Godmother- shifts Blue-Pink-Orange/Gold-Green-Blue
Pixie Dust- shifts Pink-Gold-Green-Blue-Purple
Holy Shift- shifts Purple-Champagne-Gold-Green-Blue
Enchanted- shifts Green-Silver-Lime Green- Teal/Light Blue
Golden Afternoon- shifts Orange-Copper-Gold-Green
Moonbeam- shifts -Purple-Blue-Violet/Pink-Orange
Ballerina- shifts Baby Pink-Blue-Purple

Pressed in 36mm drop in pans approximately 2 1/2 - 3 grams of pigment - packaged in pink shell pan holder (not a compact, needs to be removed and placed in palette)

Dimensions: L: 8.03" W: 4.7" D: .23"