Multi-Chrome Palette

$190.00 - $325.00
  • Multi-Chrome Palette

Premade palette with all 12 shades of our multi-chromes. Our palette is 100% recyclable, with a a clear window so all shades can be visible and an open magnetic base which can hold (28) 26mm drop in pans or (14) 36mm drop in pans.

Palette includes:

Rebel Girl - Shifts magenta, purple, green, teal, blue.
Just A Girl - Shifts red, gold, green, purple, magenta.
Magma - Shifts gold, orange, magenta, purple
Lucid - Shifts purple, gold, orange, red, magenta
Nirvana - Shifts dark green, green, blue, silver.
Seaside - Shifts Green, Teal, Blue
Gravity - Shifts multiple shades of blues to purple
June Bug - Shifts Green-Gold-Orange-Blue
Intergalactic - Shifts Blue-Pink-Purple-Green-Yellow
Aurora - starts off Blue shifts to green-purple-violet-pink
Cosmic - starts off Purple and shifts to Blue-Green- Orange-Yellow may also see maroon
Black Magic starts off black and shifts to a gorgeous purple, red, orange, yellow. May also see green and blue.

Hand pressed 26mm drip in pans (Approximately 1 1/2 grams of pigment) packaged in small pink pan holders

Hand pressed 36mm drop in pan (Approximately 2 1/2 - 3 grams of pigment) packaged in pink shell pan holder (not a compact, needs to be removed and placed in palette)

Dimensions: L: 8.03" W: 4.7" D: .23"