Chaos Makeup

Loose Multi-Chromes


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Our multi-chromes are all natural, 100% pigment, cruelty free, vegan friendly and can be worn on eyes, lips, face and body.

Shade changes color depending on the viewing angle & light given.

Rebel Girl - Shifts magenta, purple, green, teal, blue.
Just A Girl - Shifts red, gold, green, purple, magenta.
Magma - Shifts gold, orange, magenta, purple
Lucid - Shifts purple, gold, orange, red, magenta
Nirvana - Shifts dark green, green, blue, silver.
Seaside - Shifts Green, Teal, Blue
Gravity - Shifts multiple shades of blues to purple
June Bug - Shifts Green-Gold-Orange-Blue
Intergalactic - Shifts Blue-Pink-Purple-Green-Yellow

Packaged in jar with 1 gram of loose pigment

Must be applied over primer, lotion, or any base that is tacky.

Ingredients: Iron Oxide, Mica, Silicon Dioxide, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

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