Chaos Makeup

Kaleidoscope Rainbow Highlighter


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Get ready for a Highlighter like no other!
We've created this special, pressed rainbow highlighter, using our glitter free colored highlighters for a magical, colorful, dewy, IRIDESCENT glow! The coverage is build-able, making it easy to customize your makeup looks.

❤ This product is 100% natural!
❤ Pressed in a preferred 36mm pan to fit all colors perfectly on highlight area
❤ Hand-pressed product and comes packaged in our pink seashell pan holder (not a compact)
❤ Build-able coverage
❤ Iridescent to full coverage
❤ Created using our Glitter Free colored Highlighers: KYLO (red), JAKKU (orange), TREASURE (gold), ENDOR (green), REY (blue), FORCE (violet)

Apply this product with clean fingers, flat contour brushes or sponges for the best results. Go over a couple of times to blend.

**Due to the products being handmade, we suggest that the product is handled with care, since it is fragile**

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