Iridescent Multi-Chrome Palette

  • Iridescent Multi-Chrome Palette

Premade palette with all 7 shades of our Iridescent Multi-Chromes. Our palette is 100% recyclable, with a a clear window so all shades can be visible and an open magnetic base which can hold (28) 26mm drop in pans or (14) 36mm drop in pans.

Our iridescent multi-chromes are all natural, 100% pigment, glitter free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and can be worn on eyes, lips, face and body.

Palette includes:

Mars - shifts Red-Orange-Gold-Green
Moonchild - shifts Blue-Green-Gold
Solar - shifts Purple-Pink-Blue-Green
Skyline - shifts Purple- Blue- Green
Orion - shifts Violet-Purple-Orange-Pink-Red
Starfire - shifts Orange-Gold-Green
Galaxy - shits Pale yellow - Green- Blue- Pink - Purple

Pressed in 36mm drop in pans approximately 2 1/2 - 3 grams of pigment - packaged in pink shell pan holder (not a compact, needs to be removed and placed in palette)

Palette Dimensions: L: 8.03" W: 4.7" D: .23"