Large Jar Extreme Shine Highlighters

Large Jar Extreme Shine Highlighters


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These highlighters are perfect for looks that require a high shine! Chaos High Lightning is a highlighter created unlike any other, created with the highest quality ingredients. These ingredients are pure pigment, natural reflects based, and are cruelty free. Our products are 100% handcrafted, made by an artist for artists.

20g jars in all of our highlighter shades.
Use for body, to mix in foundation or just for extra highlighter product!
---> Each large jar INDIVIDUAL Highlighter you purchase INCLUDES (one) HIGHLIGHTER INTENSIFIER!

--->Each large jar SET (11 Colors) you purchase INCLUDES (one) HIGHLIGHTER INTENSIFIER! If you would like to receive a specific highlighter primer color, please state so on your order. We're more than happy to give you the color you want!

Highlight Intensifier size:
Inside Dimensions: 1.89″ Dia. X 0.260″ Ht.
Outside Dimensions: 3.54″ Dia. X 0.415″ Ht.

Vie En Rose - Bridal (neutral shade)
Fawn - Bronze
Mynxii - Pink
Shrinkle - Blue
Como La Flor - Fire Red
Shleebee - Gold/Yellow
MaryJane - Mint/Apple/Green
Lady Blue - Aqua Blue

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