Hybrid Set

Hybrid Set


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Set 1 includes:
Strawberry Lemonade - shifts from pink to gold (non vegan)
Jellybean - shifts from green to copper
Bubbles - shifts from purple to blue (non vegan)
Melon - shifts from peach to green

Set 2 Includes: Price $52.00
Glass Slipper - shifts from baby blue to gold
Watermelon - shifts from orange pink to green (non vegan)
Sunny Daze - shifts from yellow to blue

Each are made with 100% pigment and glitter free. Our products are 100% handcrafted. These shades can used on eyes, lips, and body. (Bubbles & Glass Slipper are NOT recommended on lips)

Hand pressed in 36mm pans and packaged in our pink shell pan holder

All swatches can be viewed on our Instagram.

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